If you ask 10 Boulder residents walking down Broadway about The Riverside Building, 9 out of 10 will mention “the parking issue.”

This building and location has an 85-year history of success, but the last 15 years have been marred by poor concepts and vacancy.

Most people associate this recent history with their perception that there is no on-site parking and conclude that the poor performance are the result of a lack of parking, and thus was born “the parking issue.”

Separating Truth from Fiction

Although you cannot park right outside the front entrance of The Riverside, it does not mean that there is no parking available. The example we love to give most is the Boulder County Farmers Market: thousands of people come to the market each Saturday, and you never hear anyone complain about parking. The same is true of all of downtown Boulder for that matter. And really many downtowns are no different.

There are more than 500 spaces within 1.5 blocks of our building and more than 100 spaces within 2.5 blocks. Numerous transportation studies have shown that people are willing to walk up to 3 blocks. And that’s in less fit, environmental cities around the US.

We do not and really cannot agree that The Riverside Building has a parking problem. We are, however, quite keenly aware that perception is reality, and we do have a “parking perception problem.”

So now we have a marketing problem rather than an infrastructure problem, and we think that one is a lot easier to solve.

Marketing the Solution

We are approaching the “parking perception problem” from a few angles:

  • Multi-use design of the building.
  1. Co-workers are already mobile and use buses, bicycles, mopeds, skateboards, etc. to get around while enjoying to proximity of everything downtown
  2. The Event Center brings people to a destination, and people expect to park and walk to these type of events, whether at the Boulder Theater, Fox, Rembrandt Yard, etc. This experience helps educate Riverside customers about parking for when they revisit us.
  3. The only creekside patio in downtown Boulder. A dining experience from a 5-star chef right on the Boulder Creek…anyone willing to walk for that?

We don’t make light of “the parking perception problem,” but neither are we concerned about the challenge of changing the perception.

The Parking Reality

The rest of this document provides a more technical overview of the parking reality surrounding The Riverside Building, starting with our parking map that is available in our information packets, online on our website and social media pages and via email (as a PDF) to every customer. By providing a detailed map with the locations of the covered garage, pay stations and meters people know in advance where they have the best chance of finding a parking spot.

Public Parking Lots

There are Five City of Boulder Public Garages that can be found at the following locations:

  • 1100 Walnut (11th & Walnut- Randolph Center)
  • 1000 Walnut (10th & Walnut- St. Julien Hotel)
  • 1400 Walnut (by the RTD Bus Station)
  • 1500 Pearl Street (15th & Pearl)
  • 11th Street & Spruce (behind the Boulder Book Store)


Pay Stations and meters

Directly across the street there alone, next to Mustards Last Stand there are 31 parking spots. Less than a block from that there are 177 spots in one lot and an additional 99 spots in the next lot over on the other side of the Creek.

The parking lot across the street from us as the first 1 1/2 FREE parking, i.e. free for the evening starting at 5:30. Evening parking is available for free after 7 pm in the City lots. There are 200 spots available in these city lots for FREE Parking after 3 pm compared to Downtown Parking where you have to pay until 7 pm.

Directly across Central Park, there are 30 pay-to-park spots.

Saturday parking is available for free in all Public Garages.

Free Street Parking

There is free street parking in local neighborhoods on both weekdays and weekends. Within 3 blocks there are 60 spots on Arapahoe, 11th Street, and Marine Street.

Handicapped-accessible Parking

Handicapped-accessible parking is available on the corner of Arapahoe and Broadway in the Park Central Building parking lot and on the north side of the Atrium Building parking lot.

Alternate Transportation:

Bus Service Available

Taking a bus to The Riverside is always an option. Boulder has a great public transportation system that is affordable and user-friendly. There are two main bus networks that serve Boulder: the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and the Community Transit Network.

The RTD is a large, independent network of bus and light rail routes that serve the entire greater Denver area, from Boulder to DIA. The community Transit Network, while managed and operated by RTD, is a separate fleet of buses that specifically transport passengers through Boulder and connects with regional lines.

Bike Route

The Riverside is located right along the bike path with bike racks located right outside the buildings main entrance.

Additional Services:

Still not convinced there is enough parking? Let us facilitate our additional services for your next event. The Riverside has developed a great relationship with the Gas Station next door to offer Valet Parking for evening events. For a flat fee you can forget about the “challenges” for the day, pull up right next door and let an attendant park your car for you.

The Riverside can also work out with the Boulder City Government Parking Services to arrange for special event parking. Permits can be arranged in the proximity of any event but for no more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period. There are several options such as: dash permits, signs, and hoods.