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Boulder County Farmers’ Markets

Engaging 20 people for a solid two-days worth of work over a weekend is not easy. The abundance of natural light, view of the creek, and wonderful feel of the hardwood floors and brick walls were welcoming and inspiring. The space kept the group energized and focused and supported our ability to get so much work done. The venue was a real hit. If you are looking for a humane space that unfetters your creativity and spirits, Agora is it! Brian Coppom | Executive Director Boulder County Farmers’ Markets... read more

Shinning Mountain

The Agora Event Center. What an incredible location for our high school prom! Enjoying the city feel on Broadway in the elegant main room of the Agora, our students dined on the delicious offerings from Chef Corey Buck. Cooling off on the patio overlooking the Boulder Creek was just one more gift of this fabulous location. The acoustics were perfect, the ambiance just right for these fortunate young people to dance the night away at what will be a memorable event in their histories. John March beautifully managed the event on behalf of the Agora. He was ever attentive to each detail, and incredibly personable. We are grateful and hope that we can enjoy many more events in this beautiful site – the Agora Event Center. Merrin Stein | High School Administrator – Shining Mountain Waldorf... read more


Grace (full) Plate

Per La Gente Opens In Boulder by GRACE BOYLE on DECEMBER 14, 2015 In October of 2014, I wrote about the opening of Food at the Riverside in the 100-year-old Riverside building that was built in 1914 originally as a candy store. Since I moved here in 2008, I never saw anything occupy the space until 2014, and the resurgence of the space also created an event venue, co-working space, and restaurant. A year later, the original restaurant closed and quietly, on November 13th this year, Per La Gente opened in its place. Per La Genta, meaning “For the People” in Italian, was opened by Colorado-born, Chef/Owner Lewis Guarasci. Guarasci, alongside his steady team of three, all came with him from The Little Nell, the infamous 5-star restaurant in Aspen. Guarasci began his cooking career when he was 15, at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs where he trained under the Olympian, Chef Siegfried Eisenberger, earning his stripes and skill for fine dining at a high volume and swiftness. After many fine-dining restaurant rotations, he landed in Boulder to open his first restaurant. Guarasci is Italian by heritage and he spoke fondly of his parents cooking and his cultural heritage. As he fluidly moved around his newfound kitchen, he shared that cooking Italian food is where he feels “most sincere” and has always had the desire to cook “for the people,” hence the name and homage. The Riverside | Boulder’s Home on the Creek: The Riverside building still hosts co-working with Fuse, and in its front Light Room where the bar resides, there’s room for live music and events with weekly rotating musicians. In the more... read more




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