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Boulder County Farmers’ Markets

Engaging 20 people for a solid two-days worth of work over a weekend is not easy. The abundance of natural light, view of the creek, and wonderful feel of the hardwood floors and brick walls were welcoming and inspiring. The space kept the group energized and focused...

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Shinning Mountain

The Agora Event Center. What an incredible location for our high school prom! Enjoying the city feel on Broadway in the elegant main room of the Agora, our students dined on the delicious offerings from Chef Corey Buck. Cooling off on the patio overlooking the Boulder...

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Grace (full) Plate

Per La Gente Opens In Boulder by GRACE BOYLE on DECEMBER 14, 2015 In October of 2014, I wrote about the opening of Food at the Riverside in the 100-year-old Riverside building that was built in 1914 originally as a candy store. Since I moved here in 2008, I never saw...

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